"[Attenweiler's work is] an oasis of psychological complexity among the bells and whistles."

-The New York Times


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"Our Greatest Year," a play by Robert Attenweiler

OUR GREATEST YEAR (w/ Scott Henkle) 

OUR GREATEST YEAR is an innovative blend of live stage action and projected motion comics that follows Harvey Pruit, and his new wife, Elton, as they return to Cleveland, OH to care for his ailing father, watch another tortured year of Cleveland professional sports and learn about loss, losing, and the myths we create to make sense of both. 

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"I Heart Rock & Roll," a play by Robert Attenweiler


I HEART ROCK N' ROLL is a rollicking satire that tracks the contestants of a rock-themed dating show and their families from reality show back to reality... and all the way to the afterlife. 

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"Kansas City or Along the Way," a play by Robert Attenweiler


A chance encounter alters the course of two strangers lives forever as they search for a place to belong amidst the scraps of Depression-Era southern Ohio.

"I couldn't overstate the magic of words in this play. Attenweiler's golden ear for dialogue and poetic imagination conspire to produce lines that are at once metaphorically rich and completely speakable. He captures a specific time and place without ever allowing the characters to become caricatures, even in their numerous flights of fancy." 

-Emily Otto, Indie Theatre Now

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"...and we all wore leather pants," a play by Robert Attenweiler

...and we all wore leather pants

It’s 100 Years of Solitude written by Twisted Sister.  The ground literally moves beneath the feet of the Sturgess family with the arrival of a strange visitor, some heavy metal-tinged magic in the air and the revelation that one of them may be part of the world’s most notorious rock band.  

"The narrative employs a vivid combination of harsh realism and magical levity to explore the relationship between myth, identity, and class... [A]s an artist, Attenweiler is punk rock all the way."

-Barton Bishop writing for The Brooklyn Rail.

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"The Butterfield Tones," a play by Robert Attenweiler.


The Butterfield Tones expected their first tour to bring them fame and fortune, but what it brought them was thin crowds, Ike’s aggressive womanizing and Tina’s insistence that when she sings she is visited by the ghost of a masked professional wrestler, who, she’s convinced, has come to save her.

"I love this writing."

-Martin Denton, nytheatre.com

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