When a war veteran returns to her rural Michigan hometown, her job as a Deputy in the local Sheriff’s Department sets her on a collision course with a ruthless local militia whose most loyal member happens to be her estranged younger sister.



A former runner-up on a rock n roll themed reality dating show, gives up chasing celebrity to reconnect with her estranged son and help save her family’s struggling music club… only to have that all turned upside down with the surprise reappearance of the rocker she once competed for.

Rock N Roll Suicide combines the music industry drama of Nashville with the darker serio-comic tone of Better Call Saul to tell the story of one woman’s surprise second chance, as she discovers that the star she’s always chased after may just be herself.



In 1970s NYC, a career loser begins the dramatic turnaround of both himself and the struggling basketball team he works for, aided by the first female team owner in pro sports history.

The Jump takes the character-driven examination of sports mania of Friday Night Lights and the ambition-driven drama of Breaking Bad, all set in the dirty, grittier New York City of Mean Streets and Midnight Cowboy.


Seeking answers that could save a dying Earth, a brilliant, haunted scientist and her misfit team of space explorers land the first successful manned mission to Mars. At least, they think they're the first. Once there, they find a colony of humans who have made the red planet their home for decades. What follows pushes these "Blues" from Earth and "Reds" from Mars closer and closer toward our galaxy's first inter-planetary civil war -- with the fate of two planets hanging in the balance.