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Product Storytelling

When the digital security startup WhiteOps wanted a way to make the different types of bots their company was working to combat understandable to the uninitiated, I teamed with illustrator Scott Henkle and gave each category of bots a unique name and a story. Not only did this campaign clarify the type of threat each bot presented, but it invited its audience to imagine him/herself as an active participant in the fight.   

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Emails & Memos

Staying connected to your mailing list means getting in, saying what you have to with clarity, focus (a little humor never hurt either), and then getting out again. In managed the mailing list for a independent NYC production company, I have used targeted communications to increase ticket sales, reach fundraising goals, and promote events. 

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Blog Content & Headlines 

I've always been a fan of the NY Post's wordplay in their headlines and try to bring that into my own work. "Harris-tanbul (Not Constantinople)" from Cavs: The Blog is a personal favorite. 

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Naming & Verbal Identity

I've worked with one of the industry leaders in naming and verbal identity, Landor Associates, helping to rename, rebrand, or create a new brand identity for several Fortune 500 companies. You may not have heard of "Envoy," "InvestMeans," or "Prospex" yet, but it's probably just a matter of time before you do.

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